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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 21, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [meow] [meow] [meow] [laughter] craig: do you know of all the rich, famous people that have been on this show, no one has ever tipped me
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blood just started pumping out of his shirt they had just gotten married and were driving off into the sunset when a road range took a bloody twist on their wedding day. plus find out what's happening now to the store owner. our cameras caught selling to teens for weeks. but first tonight, breaking news at a local kfc.
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an out of control car rams another vehicle through the restaurant wall. a driver lost control of his speeding bmw inlandover tonight leaving the road flipping end over end for nearly 100-yards before slamming into an suv and a fast food restaurant. >> the fatal accident ended in the parking lot of a kfc at the intersection of martin luther king highway and sheriff road and that's where gary nurenberg joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: four and a half hours after this accident, accident reconstruction is still under way and apparently will be into the early morning hours to facilitate the investigation. police closed eastbound lanes of martin luther king highway for about 400-yards, the length of four football fields. >> this happened at about 6:30, a bmw traveling more than 100 miles an hour was racing toward the traffic light at sheriff
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road when it lost control hitting the curb by this citgo station and flipping repeatedly, hitting lots of things. >> you can see several trees there, a sign, looks like a trash can of some kind, and over here there's the air pumps that were in place next to the vaccuum. this box is upside down as a result of that collision and then it came across through the fence. there was a fence there before it came into the kfc. >> in the process, it hit this suv injuring the driver who was hospitalized and the bmw slammed into the building. the impact throwing an occupant from the car and that body now pinned beneath it, the only fatality. the impact also threw parts of the wheel 20 feet into the air where it's still embedded in the building. police have not determined why that driver was going so fast.
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>> at this very moment let me step out of frame and show you, the car has been loaded on to the back of a tow truck being taken away as we speak. the car, the bmw on the tow truck, the damaged suv being towed behind it as it's taken to a prince georges police county garage for investigation there that's taking place as we speak and as we said, happening now it appears the body has also been taken away. to repeat, one occupant of the bmw dead and another occupant hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries and the driver of that red suv that you can see now also in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. earlier this evening we talked to someone inside the kfc when the car slammed into the building, said they heard a very very loud noise that the workers in there looked up just in time to see that bmw speeding toward them, some workers raced to the back of the restaurant and others dove to get out of the way. the impact of the car into the building shattering glass and spraying people inside with that shattered glass. the worker we talked to on the
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way to the hospital will be checked out but apparently not suffering greatly from that glass that came down in her face and her hair. it could be weeks before prosecutors determine whether to bring charges if in fact the driver has survived, accident reconstruction through the night, it could be days before we know what happened. back to you. >> wow. gary, thank you. and as unbelievable as gary's story was tonight things get even more bizarre. listen to this piece of news. >> that's where two drivers got into a fight that ended with both men in the hospital but the details even stranger. matt jablow joins us live in crosston with the latest on this story. matt? >> reporter: anita we have all heard strange stories over the years about people getting into fights on the road but this one has to be among the strangest we've heard in a long time. >> could you believe you were seeing this? >> no. >> it all apparently started around 4:00 this afternoon at the intersection of route 3 in krofton. witnesses say a man and woman
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in a ford explorer who had just gotten married were joking around at a red light getting out of their car, running around it and getting back in and for some reason witnesses say the occupants of the car right next to them, a pt cruiser didn't appreciate that. they started making obscene gestures at the married couple and that's when things started getting ugly. very ugly. >> crazy. >> rocky colter was driving nearby, and says he saw the whole thing. >> the ford explorer driver got out, approached the pt cruiser and the guy in the cruiser opened the door and reached out like this and looked like he punched him. >> in fact police say the driver of the explorer had been stabbed. >> blood just starts pumping out of his shirt. it was an obscene amount of blood. >> according to rocky despite bleeding profusely from his stab wound, the driver "ford explorer got back into his car and when he caught up to the pt cruiser a minute later on route 3, started ramming the car from behind, sending the pt cruiser into this ditch and that's when things started getting very ugly again. >> the driver of the explorer
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and the guy that stabbed him both got out of their vehicles first and the guy that did the stabbing approached the other guy and tried to fight him. and the guy that got stabbed just hit him one-time and it knocked him out for like a minute and he was down on the ground. >> both men were taken to the hospital with what are described as non-life threatening injuries. police say the man in the pt cruiser who allegedly stabbed the driver of the explorer will be arrested once he's released from the hospital. anita? derek? >> hard to fathon how that happened. okay, thank you. unimaginable is one way to describe a freak accident after a deer went flying through the air and slammed into the windshield of an suv. this accident happened saturday night along route 9 just west of leesburg. another car hit a deer but the impact sent the animal airborne and right into the path of juan salgado's nissan xterra. he suffered a huge gash on his
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forehead and needed 50 stitches to close it but he was the lucky one. his best friend and wife's cousin was riding in the passenger side and did not make it. >> they pulled him out of the car and they started cpr. he was such a nice friend to have. every time we used to go anywhere he would go with me. >> you can see there's damage to the front end of this suv, only to the windshield where it looks like a bomb exploded. a third person riding in the back of the vehicle also suffered critical injuries when the deer hit it. the northwest d.c. liquor store exposed by # # news now for selling alcohol to underage buyers was back open today after the arrest of the owner over the weekend. d.c. police arrested 57 year old richard dan ki kim on saturday, the owner of the town square market. police made that arrest after they busted a 17 year old for allegedly buying alcohol from that store.
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that teenager was also in possession of somebody else's id. kim's arrest came one day after d.c. deputy mayor spoke with 9 news now about our report, and he promised a thorough investigation. >> we believe that we are sending a message to everyone that we will enforce the law and that it's inappropriate and illegal to sell or distribute alcohol to miners. we take it very seriously. >> now in addition to our cameras capturing the minors buying alcohol from town square market, montgomery county police have issued at least 38 citations over the last couple months to teenagers who they say bought alcohol from that store and took it across the d.c. line into maryland. now what happens to kim and his store is up to the regulators of liquor licenses in d.c. they were not available for comment today but the deputy mayor tells us the hearings have to be held and kim could be facing for first offense a fine of $1000 or up to six months in prison. well we have learned an
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alcohol spiked energy drink might well have contributed to a heart breaking tragedy near baltimore. a teenager who fell out of a moving car and was hit and killed by the on coming traffic. now this one happened saturday night in parkville. friends say the man was driving home with his stepson, 13-year- old michael trueluck and a friend, michael got sick to his stomach and the boys mother says she believes he had an energy drink that made him ill. michael's friend witnessed the whole thing. >> he didn't want to make a mess and he opened the door and we went around the turn and he fell out, and he like fell on the ground and a car hit him. >> a makeshift memorial has been set up near the spot where michael died. grief counselors will be at parkville middle school tomorrow to help his classmates deal with that loss. a heart breaking update to that recent town home fire in prince georges county. today we learned a two year old girl rescued from the burning house has died. mariah hood passed away yesterday at children's hospital.
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the fire started in a two story house on hillmar drive in district heights marylanderly friday morning and investigators blame it on something left unattended on the stove. the prince georges county fire department is praising neighbors in temple hill who rescued a neighbor out of a burning house. this broke outlast night on beaumont street. before firefighters got there, neighbors helped them rescue his elderly father who was trapped on the second floor. james is generally confined to a wheelchair and his wife was making a frantic call to 911. >> i've got fire in my house. >> there's stares and they're on fire. help me. >> i said take my hand and kept pulling his feet and then we got two more people to come and put him in a chair and got him across the street. >> another neighbor provided first aid to chris and james, father and son were later taken to the hospital due to cuts and
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smoke inhalation but they are expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. the man charged with plotting to blow up the u.s. capitol will be back in court this week. he is due in federal court wednesday for a bond hearing. the fbi arrested him on friday at a d.c. parking garage as prosecutors say he was headed to the capitol intending to blow himself up inside. authorities say he thought he was meeting with al qaeda operatives but really it was all part of a year long fbi undercover operation. prosecutors say the weapons he was given were duds. money, money, money and a heck of a lot of it. on average $1000. d.c., maryland and virginia are warehousing unclaimed insurance policies, bank accounts, store refunds, the sources are simply endless and so are the names of the people who might have this money coming their way, if only they claim it. so, let's start naming some names.
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head on over to our website and look on our consumer page and that's where you will see how to file your claim and on the web page more names more than we can possibly name tonight. although we are trying by listing some of them at the bottom of your tv screen, top? we managed to hit 50 today but it's getting cold. grab a coat and sunglasses tomorrow and bundle the kids up at the bus stop. 27-37 at 5:00, mid 20s-30s at 7:00 and 36-46 by mid morning. a cold start indeed. we'll let you know if we have a mild finish and just how mild it's going to get by the end of the week. still ahead tonight, he was the first american to orbit the earth, now a special milestone anniversary for john glenn. plus, aging. it's a fact of life, but how well you age can be a choice. in tonights stay healthy and feel young report, foods
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diabetes and alzheimers and one way to fight it is with a diet that helps you stay healthy and feel young. >> we had an ekg done. >> dr. debra barber is a cardiologist in maryland who tells her patients, the one huge heart disease risk they can control is what they eat. >> we're eating something really high sugar or really high fat. there is an inflammatory response in the body? >> there can be. very shortly thereafter actually. >> that inflammation comes from spikes in blood sugar and contributes to the build up of plaque that clogs our arteries. that the why dr. barber recommends foods that fight this process like oatmeal. >> it's one of the darling of the medical profession as far as recommendation for breakfast now. >> the fiber slows digestion. it's slows the emptying of our stomach. it maintains a feeling of being full. >> not to mention it hopes lower cholesterol. other top anti-aging foods are found abundantly in the so-
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called mediterranean diet which contains a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains plus beans and nuts. the last two are protein sources that help keep blood sugar more steady after a meal. dr. barber says mediterranean cuisine relies more on heart healthy olive oil instead of butter, fish, high in omega fatty 3 acids play a role instead of red meat and dr. barber says the slower pace at which meals are consumed is healthier than our grab & go lifestyle. >> we know the slower you eat, the less you eat, because it takes probably about 20 minutes to 30 minutes for your stomach to realize that you're full. >> so let's talk about the take home message. we need to slowdown. we need to avoid foods that cause a rush in blood sugar like this doughnut and stick to stuff that takes longer to dye guest. here are three more things that research shows help with this process. what i've got here is vinegar, which you can mix with olive oil and that's the traditional
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dressing in mediterranean food and the vinegar helps people feel full longer. fish oil tablets. if you take this before a big meal, it helps stabilize fat and sure res in the bloodstream ahead of a big meal and even this little cinnamon, that helps too. >> everybody always giving the glazed doughnut a tough time. >> [laughter]. tonight, we mark a milestone in space exploration. it was 50 years ago that john glenn became the first american to orbit the earth. glenn actually circled the globe three times in his tiny capsule called friend sip 7. today glenn marked that moment at a forum in nasa's future and during that forum, glenn spoke with the crew of the international space station. >> that's neat. >> very cool. i was into space stuff when i was a kid. >> me too, man. >> i got autographs and pictures . good stuff. 50s good stuff.
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we'll take that, right? >> yes. >> this time next week our average high is 50. >> wow. already? >> we're getting to that place. >> does that mean winter is over? >> not necessarily but it does not have a pulse right now. >> [laughter]. >> i barely do. let's look outside. here is a live shot with our live weather cam. we're looking at clear skies and it's kind of deceiving because temperature at national is 40 kind of like that heat island effect. winds are calm, pressure is rising, but most everyone else is already in the 30s. satellite picture radar combined. there is a little system in the midwest that is going to roll through here tomorrow. that's why we're seeing a few clouds come in in the afternoon, and now pretty good line of thunderstorms from kansas city almost to little rock. most of the energy and moisture peels to the north of us shooting up toward detroit and pittsburgh so for the most part we'll be in good shape tomorrow and even a little bit milder if those winds pick up out of the
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southwest. so a cold start tomorrow, can't emphasize that enough but we'll have a pretty mild finish. you need coat and sunglasses and bundle the kids up at the bus stop but milder on wednesday. well notice a real big change on wednesday and then by thursday, it's going to be almost warm. temperatures on thursday should nudge over 60 degrees. overnight, clear skies cold, one to two blanket night, lows 25-35, winds pretty much diminished now and then for tomorrow morning, mostly sunny with a cold start. i would grab a winter coat. 20s and 30s, winds southeast at 10, and then by afternoon, not a bad day. partly cloudy, breezy and milder. some clouds come in late ahead of that system but highs 50-55 and wins increase southwest 10- 15. that's a warm wind. that's actually a good thing so high temperatures on tuesday, everybody should make it over 50 and if you're in arlington, springfield we're talking 53 downtown and college park, up through 70 probably 51 or 52 in
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sterling and 51 or 52 in leesburg, but still a little bit above average and we will take it. we'll break it down. to start 26-36 and then by noon, breezy but 48-53 and then by evening, some clouds come in and high temperatures 50-55 so breezy and just a bit milder. now the next three days, temperatures keep going up. look at wednesday. breezy and 57, thursday with showers in the morning but temperatures should make it to 60 by thursday so we'll call that warm and why wouldn't we? next seven days. friday we'll pay the piper, rain and showers, still mild. temperatures in the mid 50s. it will get cold over the weekend but just for a day. it goes back into the low 40s, mountain snow showers and then back in the 50s as we get into sunday and my goodness back up to around 60 by next monday, so we're almost out of february by next monday obviously. >> okay, thank you so much. so we've been having a pretty good time teasing you a little bit about the snowstorm that wasn't this past weekend but
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derek says don't hate, appreciate. >> anita, you know we tend to take it all for granted but predicting the weather is so dang hard than an mit genius named edward lawrence invented chaos theory that says yes, a butterfly flapping its wings in brazil might set off a tornado in texas, so that's why even with his computer models and satellite pictures, topper shutt knows breaking it out a couple more than a couple days of advance in a storm is a dicey day at best but who needs science? when we've got phil the groundhog to see his shadow which predicts six more weeks of winter which would be more incredible if the six weeks before felt like winter and then there's the farmers almanac which predicted this year, "near normal temperatures but above normal snowfall. the snowiest periods will be in mid december, mid and late january and late february."
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pity the old farmer who was counting on that. so let's be real. weather may be mysterous and scary but predicting it is almost more so. better leave that to the professionals. >> [laughter]. >> well said, derek. chris is going to be back
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now, the only consistency the capitols have found since the all-star break is that of losing games. its been over a month since the caps have been able to muster a winning streak, dropping seven of their last 10 and a look on dale hunter's face speaks volumes. tonight, carolina scoring within the first three and a half minutes and moments later, johansson turns the piceance over and they get the pass and then in the second, back to dennis weidman, can't stay on his feet, eric stall goes one on one and look at that. he had two goals tonight and look at your captain.
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this sums it up right here. awful, awful performance by the caps and they get shut out 5-0. >> wizards wrapping up their road trip out westin phoenix, randy whitman and gang looking to end a two game skid looking it up third quarter, back to trevor booker slamming it down but the suns go on a 31-6 runs in the third quarter and beat the wizards 104-88. >> as the nationals pitchers and catchers get in their first spring practice and as media flock to space coast stadium, it's hard to ignore the aura surrounding the team, but with the return of healthy jordan zimmerman and steven strossberg saying his arm feels better than it ever has it's hard not to be excited and add in gonzalez and jackson, the nationals have a pretty solid pitching rotation. now some position players reported already and even
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though they aren't due until this weekend, anxious to get in that extra work and we'll get our first glimpse when they play georgetown university on march 2nd. >> over the past year, university of maryland athletic director kevin anderson has been trying without much progress to reestablish games between the terms and georgetown's mens basketball teams basically saying if the men don't play each other neither will any of our other sports teams. mark said today it's now up to the coaches. >> jt and i will handle that differently than its being handled right now, but i hope there's a game between us in the future and we get a little bit better and i think it would be great for everybody, but john thompson and i've got to be on the same page for that to happen. >> hoyas coach responded with saying i find it extremely odd that a competent athletic director would choose that method to try to schedule a game. war of words now. >> finally tonight on president's day, those big old
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heads take their race to the ice. might want to stick to the baseball field. that senators head coach kind of looks a lot like roosevelt right there. yes, they might want to stick to their day job on the baseball field. but having a little fun


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